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In October 2010 the sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny, to satisfy the needs of the population, had founded at Hinche a primary school. The beginning was very modest, with only three classrooms, hopping to add other classes each year.

On January 12, 2010, our schools, located in the regions were shaken by an earthquake but continued to function under tents with a lot of difficulties.

Building materials are very expensive and we could not consider the reconstruction of our collapsed schools, the house of formation, the chapel of Ste Rose de Lima, the orphanage of “La Madeleine” without the generosity of  numerous donors. In advance, we express our deep and sincere thanks to those willing to help.

Hurricane Thomas has spread panic in Haiti and caused many material damages in certain areas of the country, but, fortunately, there has been very few deaths. The passage of Thomas has transformed in a lake, the playground and classes on the ground floor at the normal, secondary, professional and primary schools in Gonaïves which were just coming up from the disasters caused by Jeanne and Anna. It took us a week to clean, in order to receive teachers and students in decent places while awaiting more  important repairs to follow.

The cholera epidemy has made victims all over the territory. More than 2400 deaths and as many as 40.000 sick persons in the hospitals and health care centers. They are talking about 90.000 thousands hit by that epidemic disease though hygienic practices were taught in schools and other institutions to limit damages. That disaster never known before in our country kept the population in anxiety and had bad consequences on school works and citizens’ behavior.

Doctors, nurses and nurse assistants are remarkably devoted at the bedside of the sick ones, multiplying their efforts to put an end to that disaster. Doctors without borders who ran spontaneously to our rescue deserve our esteem and our gratefulness. We form a big family, which gives courage and hope. This is a marvelous human solidarity.

The result of the elections provoked political unrest and our schools had to close for 2 days. We wish that peace come back to this country already hard-hit by so many disasters, and that the students find the calm necessary to normally finish this term.

Thanks be to our donors! 

The schools are functioning  since the beginning of the first quarter of the school year 2010 -2011.

Our sisters from Ireland contributed a lot; especially with the teacher’s salary and food for our pupils. Some generous donors offered full or ½ scholarship to many qualified students. Former students of Sainte Rose de Lima financed the construction of 8 classrooms, and 4 other classrooms are waiting to be finished.

The center of “Rosalie Javouhey” containing a primary school and an alphabetization center works from 8 to 4 and also shelters “Mère Louise” school. The two AM schools work under tents. Unicef is building 7 sheds for the 2 schools. They promise to give more including the orphanage “la Madeleine”. Digicel promised 6 rooms for “Mère Louise” school, we are patiently waiting for them. As of now, the children have classes under a tree. 3 big shelters receive 2 classes of 80 to 100 pupils each. With a gift from Trocaire, we bought school furniture but many children are still under tents today.

All the schools but those in Port-au-Prince had their exams . The sisters in Guadeloupe and friends helped the children feel the joy of Christmas by offering them gifts and toys. The works at the provincial house continue even though we’re still eating under tents after almost a year.

Thanks to teachers, students, their parents, and anonymous donors who support us. Thanks to the team of the main house of our congregation for follow ups and transfers of all the gifts we received. Thanks to our old donors, our new donors and our future donors. May they find here our lively gratitude and the assurance of our brotherly prayers. The children thank and pray for all those who remember and support them.

From sister J.B, Principal of Bolosse:

Because of troubles following the elections, we lost 12 days of class and the first quarter exams will be held in January. Since I came back, I’m happy to see the reconstruction works putting up the fence of the school. Thanks to the Irish organization “Trocaire” and the Irish sisters too whose support has allowed me to pay the month of September to our teachers.

I thank God who is so good to us through our friends who continue to visit us in order to encourage in our behalf the movement of solidarity. I rejoice in seeing our children playing trumpets, saxophones, flutes and drums. Our music school, to fulfill the dream and the interest of the children in music asked “Food for the poor” to finance a fanfare. It was granted. Parents and teachers are very happy and grateful to them.

In October 2010, the nuns of ‘’St Joseph de Cluny’’ answering to a real need have founded a primary school in Hinche.
It’s a modest beginning with only three classes.
Others will follow in the years to come.
Our schools located in the areas affected by the earthquake of January 12 have resumed their activities in tents under difficult conditions.
The cost of construction materials is very high, not permitting yet the rebuilding of the collapsed schools.
We hope the generosity of our benefactors will help us face the enormous expense of rebuilding.
In advance we express to them our sincere and deep gratitude.
Hurricane Thomas caused many damages in some areas of Haiti that were just trying to recuperate from Hurricanes Jane and Anna, but fortunately, few deaths.
The yard of our Gonaives school turned into a lake; the flooded ground floor classes, unusable.
It took a whole week before teachers and students could return, pending more extensive repairs.
The Cholera is spreading around the whole country.
Many dead (more than 2400) and a sick crowd in health centers and hospitals. (They say about 90000).
Most recuperate after receiving care.
Caution and hygienic measures taken in all the schools limit the damage.
This pandemic disease never known before in our country scares the population and has bad consequences on school work and behavior.
Doctors, nurses and health attendants show unselfish courage toward the sick, and multiply their efforts to eradicate the disease.
Doctors Without Borders who came immediately to help us, deserve our appreciation and gratitude.
This humane solidarity is wonderful!
It gives us courage and hope.
We are a great family.
There is another plague: it is politic.
The Haitian people are angry about the results of the last elections, and anger is growing.
Some violent marches have sprung in several areas.
Schools were not able to work on Dec 8 and 9.
We wish that peace returns to this country that has already suffered so much, and that the students can find the calm essential to end normally this trimester.

Jacmel’s school is useless because of serious damages from the seism of January 12.

The sisters will have to buy a property to build a new institution as soon as they find the necessary funds. At this moment, the working conditions of the students are very bad.

At Cayes-Jacmel, the school can be repaired but there are insufficient funds to restore it.

Sainte Rose de Lima has collapsed.

The damages are extreme.

The students of the primary school work under camping tents offered by UNICEF which shelter also the afternoon classes of Externat la Providence.

The secondary building resisted against the seismic tremor but they need immediate repair. All the students work under circus tents given by UNICEF as well. Ste. Rose works from 8 to 12; Externat la Providence from 1 to 5 o’clock.

The students have no more than 4 hours of class.

The following schools: Mère Louise, Externat la Providence, Orphelinat de la Madeleine (110 orphans,) all three schools sank on that January 12.

Centre Mère Anne Marie at Bolosse needs repair.

For the present time the students work like those at Ste.Rose de Lima, under circus tents.
At Saint-Marc the school buildings are cracked. Students work in the big yard where temporary shelters were built.
At Gonaïves and Grande Rivière du Nord the school buildings need to be strengthened.

The work is in progress.

Serious repair works are in progress after the seism: stairs, ceilings of the classrooms, reinforcement of polls, walls, fences. Cracked walls have to be restored..

The health centers at Furcy les Pins and at P-au-P were strongly hit on January 12 but, they are still crowded with patients. Doctors and nurses give care in the yard, hoping and waiting for better.

We count on your great spirit of generosity to help us.
A big thank in advance to all those who will support us in our work of charity.

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